Monday, November 20, 2006

Eve Goings Ons

On Saturday I got a good chunk of playing time in. First off I got Derranna back into Empire space to pick up her new run-around ship, a Mimitar Probe frigate. Its got speed, decent cargo space, and good for a little mining. But damn if it ain't goofy looking.

Then I played with Kirith. Friday night I tried to get into a PvP op and after some frustrating waiting for people to get their ships together, we headed out but the targets were few and far between and besides a corp mate getting smoked at a gate it was no luck. Apparently, if your sec status hits -5 and you become a red blinky on the overview, anyone can attack you insight of the sentry guns and not get fired upon. Ouch, good to know.

Saturday was even more frustrating. I went out with some guys but we couldn't find any targets. Then, while three of us waited at a gate while another scouted out the next system, a few ships show up. Nobody's blinking red so we sit there nervously. Suddenly a battleship targets and blows my caracal out of space. Ouch! He tanked the sentry gun fire and warped away after putting me down. I went back to base and jumped in a Merlin but the action was over. Even worse, a couple times while jumping with the Merlin my Eve client would freeze and demand a reboot. Pissed me right off the second time, but I didn't lose any ships because of it. Stupid home PC.

At this point I had lost 4 caracals overall in Operation Outhouse and participated in no attacks. Despondant, went back to Derranna and did some mining. Mining! Egads, how I had fallen.

But there was some whispers on vent and I kept one ear open. Suddenly a corp member comes on and says "I've got targets two systems over! Who wants to help?" I couldn't resist. I switched back to Kirith, jumped in another Caracal and undocked. Hooked up with two other guys and we slip towards Bantish. The gang leader went into the system to lock a target down while me and the other guy wait outside the gate, mouse icons over the jump button.

"I got him! Jump now, warp to me!"

We fly into action, jump the gate, warp to the leader. Drones are flying as the bubble collapses and a second enemy in a Maller warps in to help his fellow. The first target blows ups and the second gets scrammed. I lock and let the Caldari Missile Spammer let loose. The Maller is one against three and doesn't stand a chance. In seconds his ship is destroyed and I get my first Kill Mail, showing how I laid the final blow.

YAAAAARRRRRRRR!!! I'm a pirate now, me!

Man, what a blast. Targets 4, Bill 1. But I've got my first taste of blood now. Muhahahahah!

As a bonus, here's picture of my character sheet revealing the bulk of learning skill points I've amassed.

Good news is I'm almost done. Today at four I'm be done Clarity 4, Presence 4 by Friday, and Focus 4 by this time next week. Bad news is, I keep changing my plans for what I'm going to do next! One moment I want to drive to fly interdictors, but Lucius is going to do that and I want to improve my other basic skills first. Next moment I want to improve all my existing skills including the missiles and stuff. Then I was considering moving up to a Ferox and training Gunnery skills and becoming a master sniper. Sigh.

Fortunately, skill points are coming fast and furious and anything I decide to do will be quick coming.


  1. Anonymous11:18 am

    Congrats on your first kill!

    Man, you're right about that probe being ugly!!

    It looks like Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are EVE optional for me this

  2. Congrats man! I LOVE the thrill of getting a killmail. I hope that we can get a killboard up soon so that we can start tracking stats and whatnot.

    Yeah, Itrin is starting to seem a little low on the target end of things lately. I wonder if we haven't culled it now? There is a temptation of mine to spend more time in 0.0 defending our base and then heading out to Caldari space for some retribution.