Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Manufacturing for Fun and Profit

Phase 1 of the research plan is coming along, with approval to research 12 BPOs granted and plans underway to move them the four hops to the research station. Little do the members of IPORC realize this is but the first step of my grander plan to build the corporation into a manufacturing empire! Muhahahahah!

Unless of course they read this blog, in which case the cats out of the bag. Oh well.

The next few phases will involve research more BPOs, but also starting to push the corp to explore building ships, mods, and ammo for selling. Here's what I think the ideal plan would be.

All of the BPOs are at a station with factory and lab slots. When we are not researching our BPOs, we are making BPCs from them. These BPCs are then transported to 9GYL or our current base of operations for keeping supplies stocked. Sometimes we can sell the BPCs to people looking for short term manufacturing abilities at a cheaper price than buying a BPO and plus it is researched so it is more effiicient and quicker.

At the same time, we are building stuff to sell out of our BPO station. We don't want to overstock, so we build a few things we know people are always looking for (ships especially, ammo and mods to a lesser degree) and sell them at a competitive price. Since our BPOs will be researched and our manufacturers are top quality, we cut out as much overhead as possible allowing us to sell lower than average yet still make a healthy profit. 9GYL is too remote for this type of activity, the research station is a bit more central and attractive.

The only difficulty to all this plan is mineral procurement. As I discovered when investigating my own manufacturing corp, buying minerals is easy, its getting them to the factory that is the time consuming and risky part. However, I hope as I build inroads with my plan I can mobilze the corp as a whole to provide the minerals either by transporting them for the manufacturing division or providing loot for melting.

Its all so exciting!

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  1. Anonymous10:02 am

    Nice plan Bill. This aspect of the game fits you like a glove!

    I'm sure it would be worth while trying to nab/alliance with someone(s) who is into mining.

    ...or encourage other corp guys to do it. Even mining as bate, to lure marks in.

    I've read that if you can mind a big time mining organizations, you can buy minerals off them in buld for cheap. That should be quite doable, as one corp guy has that big hauler, and others could escort if it meant one big trip infrequently.