Monday, November 06, 2006

Epic Battle

Pictures can be found here.

Chris and I played our delayed 4000 pt battle on Friday night and it was quite the tilt. However, in the end Chris' big tank formation proved to be too mobile and intimidating for me and my artillery proved to not be enough to swing the game my way.

I did get first turn and I did nuke the Vultures out of the picture. I did prevent my Banelord from dying although he was at one point at the end of four turns, all damage coming in the last turn. But the rest of my army was outgunned and I was outplayed by the crafty general that is Chris.

Ah well. Next time Chris, next time.

Lesson learned this time: Imperial Guard blobs are far more resilent than any other detachment in the game. Assaulting them with a normal sized unit means they have a +3 advantage to start due to outnumbering and the Commisar. My bikes finally learned the hard way that they will not be moved so easily. Marines and Eldar are easy to kill, IG? Bugger they are tough.

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