Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Kali patch was installed yesterday and this morning I got up early to log in and try it out. I experienced a bit of lag at first, but it could have been my connection. So far, everything seems ok. Except one little detail...

I look in my corp mail this morning and see a whole plan for making ISK from new blueprints someone bought last night after the downtime was over. It pissed me off immensely.

The plan was good for the most part, although I had some ideas for improving it. The investment and initiative were great, nice to see a corp member throwing down some serious money to by those expensive blueprints.

No, what pissed me off at first was that the plan called for someone else outside the corp to build the ships from the blueprints because they "have perfect build skills".  Well, what the hell is Derranna? Chopped liver? I just spent two months training her including 18+ days for Production Efficiency 5 so that she can build as good as anyone else in Eve. There is no better.

Then the more I considered it I got ticked because the plan was proposed, discussed, and pratically decided upon before I even got out of bed this morning. No one, as far as I know, from the Manufacturing or Marketing divisions were contacted to disucss it. I understand corps sometimes need to be nimble and react quickly to make a buck, but surely we should have been given a chance to give input before extorting corp members to buy minerals and transport them to a system we have no base to be used in building ships by someone who is not in our corp. And they have agreed to use corp funds to do all this. One director and one diplomat can authorize the purchase of millions of ISK of minerals to be transferred to someone outside the corp without some discussion? WTF?

Here I am not using the corp wallet at all as I build up my plan and expertise to produce items for profit for the corp, and now I feel like a cautious idiot.

So yeah, I am annoyed and I've venting here. I'm pretty sure the people involved were not trying to cut anyone out of the process. After all, it IS a good plan from the looks of the market and we might stand to make a killing. I just think we need to review the plan and get more people on board before we go off half cocked buying minerals and giving them to someone else when the character I invested in for the corp can do it just as well as anyone else can.

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