Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back On Track

The angst and drama from yesterday morning have subsided, and we are now moving as a whole towards the goal of making lots of ISK as quickly as possible from the purchased BPOs. The hardest part will be securing enough minerals in order to start building and KEEP building the battlecruisers and battleships, but should we prove able to do that, the money shold roll in.

This is a perfect example of why pre-planning and discussion would have been ideal, and why impulse plans are not. Had we discussed and agreed to do this a week before the downtime, we could have pre-purchased and transported the minerals and been ready to go hours after downtime. Now we are probably not going to see our first products roll off the assembly line until the weekend or early next week. Oh well, spilt milk and all that.

In other Eve news, Kirith finished his last Learning skill last night and started in Caldari Industrial III so I can fly me some Badger MKIIs. That will be done around noon and then I will start working on other skills to get them all up to higher levels before branching off into bigger ships.

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