Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Guardians Almost Finished

I got lots of painting done on the long weekend to the point where I'm starting the bases of the guardians.

Close up of the squad leader's backside. I pimped him out compared to the other guardians, giving his a backpack thingy, targeter on the shouder, and extra ammo and a grenade on the belt as well as the cool looking eldar power fist. In game terms, it all means nothing but I love him anyways.

Meanwhile, more Eldar go into the dip. One metal guardian I kept from the old days 'cause he looks cool, four support platform guys that do not match anything in my army anymore since I sold the rest of the night guardians, and four warlocks that I decided I would not need in the near future. Probably a little hasty but oh well, they had to go sometime.

And I started the four dark reapers as well. No pics, they are just red right now. :P

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