Friday, June 30, 2006

I Went Out to the Garage and What Did I Find?

Those pre-loved Dark Reapers I bought a while back? Well, they've been stewing in the Simple Green dip in the garage ever since and I finally broke them out and cleaned them off. They're so pretty.

Meanwhile, back at the work bench, I've made good progress with the guardians finishing the weapons base colour. Next is the black and grey areas.

Last night while I was waiting for someone to pick up some stuff I was selling, I had the pleasure of playing two quick Combat Patrols against Fazzdien and his Ultramarines at the Bunker. He won both games, the first one handily and the second by a close margin. The lesson I learned most of all: Reaper Exarch with shuriken cannon is next to useless for more points than a normal Reaper. Hence why I need to paint up some more!

P.S. Fazzdien, I totally forgot your name! I'm horrible with names, what is yours again?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:02 am

    Name's Paul, but don't feel bad, I'm bad with names too!

    Speaking in Bill's defense, that first game might have gone differently if he hadn't forgotten to field his warlock. (And if my dice weren't doing so well for everything but my poor heavy bolter scout...) Definitely a fun couple of games though, I can't wait until the next opportunity to face off against you!