Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You Suffer Because I'm Bored

Another update that no one will comment on. Sigh. I hate you all.

Regardless, basing for the guardians and dark reapers is moving right along as you can see here:

My other mini-project of re-basing the Chaos Lord Rhavoc the Ancient is nearly done, just need some static grass to spruce it up. And I got a couple layers of blue and grey drybrushing done on the Grand Cruiser Vae Victus.

Finally, one picture of the disaster area that is my work bench area in the laundry room. I store the air conditioner unit below my bench during the winter and last night was time to get it out, causing me to make quite the mess. I'll clean it up tonight, I promise!


  1. Where's the fridge full of cola? ;)

  2. Hey Bill,

    I had to leave a comment, just because you sounded so dispondant. I check out your sight quite a bit actually, I find it inspiring.