Monday, May 29, 2006

New Eldar Rumours Have Me Drooling

I've been eagerly following Corey's efforts to combine all the known and rumoured Eldar information into one comprehensive source. He's done an amazing job and kudos to him.

All these rumours and news has me considering what I'm going to do with the army once the new codex comes out. I'm repainting models I consider essential (Scoprions, Reapers, Seers) but that still leaves a large area of models to consider. I really want to pick a theme and go with it this time, instead of last time's "collect multiple squads of every unit type" mentality which saw me balloon to about 100 guardians ( I am not exaggerating).

The question becomes what direction do I take? I've already pontificated about leaving Guardians mostly behind and I still feel that way. The latest rumours suggest that Dire Avengers will be far more viable as a front line troop unit than they were in the past. Not that they were bad in the current codex, it was just that Guardians could do the same job almost as well and got the benefits of larger squads, Warlock leaders, and a heavy weapon. If the Dire Avengers get the abilities so far rumoured, it will give them a superior role in front line duty compared to the guardians and relegate guardian squad to a supporting role just as they should be.

So I have no trouble envisioning a basic core army of 2-3 Dire Avenger Squads and 0-2 supporting Guardians Squads. Rangers could play more of a role in the future as I have seen how they can be used most effectively by Corey and Keith. Its the rest of the army I don't know what I'm going to do with.

In fast attack, I've always liked the idea of jetbikes but hated their cost versus performance. Vypers were the opposite. Swooping Hawks were next to useless in most cases and Shining Spears were in too small squads for such expensive points. I need to see rules before I can select a direction with these guys.

Heavy Support has lots of choices. Dark Reapers are a must have, as are War walkers. I'm looking to buy that launch box set of three. Fire Prism we'll have to see. I like some of the noise coming from that direction, but they have to make it viable compared to the Falcon before I'll consider it. Support Weapons I'm not sure on. They are nice and cheap, but provide only minimal offensive capabilities. And the new poster showing the outline of the new wraithlord has me drooling.

For Elites, Striking Scoprions are the bomb. I've got sixteen of them for a reason and unless their rules really stink, I plan to continue to use them. Howling Banshees are attractive as well. Fire Dragons I have a love/hate relationship with. I love their fluff but was very pissed when their fusion guns got dropped to strength 6. Wraithguard have potential as long as the wraithcannon is re-boosted to deadly status. Warp Spiders will have to wait and see.

The Farseers and warlocks will continue to be the main HQ choice for me, although I may invest in an Autarch depending on rules and model.

Sigh. So far the direction appears to be "a little bit of everything" again. I NEED that codex to help me whittle down the choices!

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