Monday, April 03, 2006

What Next?

Now that the Eldar Megabattle is on the books, the question arises what next? Well, I'm still hooked on Epic but I admit my disdain for 40K has lessened in light of breaking out the Eldar and having an awesome game. The Deep Space Campaign is coming up at the end of the month, and this summer Games Workshop is running their campaign. But my Eldar are far from being ready for these events as my old guardians looked uniformly tired and amaturish compared to the work of my comtemporaries and my latest efforts. So I expect to maintain the Epic Chaos binge through the summer, although I plan to get a periodic game of 40K in here and there to keep sharp.

Painting-wise, I have my havocs, Thunderhawks, obliterators, and Ravager titan to finish for Epic, and I've considered putting together another Deathwheel. And I will continue to beaver away on the Eldar redux. My next scheduled game is a rematch with Al on April 12th. Things should be quiet until then.

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