Monday, April 03, 2006

Megabattle Report

First off, if you haven't read the details from Corey:
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Here is the 1825 pt list I finally settled on.

Seer Council of Canathius
Farseer Ianthus – Ghosthelm, Runes of Witnessing, Spirit Stones, Fortune, Mind War
Farseer Kirith – Runes of Witnessing, Guide
Warlock Master Elryth – Singing Spear, Enhance
Warlock Champion Musallia – Witchblade, Pistol, Embolden
Warlock Champion Helroyija – Witchblade, Pistol, Augment
= 322 pts
Falcon Grav Tank Sword of Starlight – Scatterlaser, Holofield, Spirit Stone
= 180 pts

Striking Scorpions – 10 Scorpions including Exarch Whuylthreds with Stealth, Scorpion Claw
= 207 pts

Striking Scorpions – 6 Scorpions including Exarch Miscittu with Stealth, Crushing Blow, Biting Blade
= 143 pts

Night Guardians – 15 guardians including AGP Starcannon
= 154 pts

Night Guardians – 15 guardians including AGP Starcannon
= 154 pts

Storm Guardians – 9 Guardians with 2 flamers
+ Warlock Bithwelyiia – Singing Spear, Pistol, Destructor
= 123 pts
Wave Serpent Fang of Fjir – Twin Brightlance
= 125 pts

Jetbikes – 5 Guardian Jetbikes, 1 Shuricannon
= 195 pts

Vyper Squadron – 2 Vypers, 2 Scatterlasers
= 110 pts

Support Battery – 4 Guardians with 2 Shadow Weavers
= 90 pts

And here are my 100 pictures from the event, some great, some good, some crappy: Megabattle Pictures

My brief report: I deployed mostly on the west flank, with my smaller Scorpion Squad hanging out near the Scoprion Shrine near Corey's parking lot of warwalkers. Storm Guardians and one Defender squad deployed in the middle with Keith, but everyone else was on the west side of the Fire Dragon shrine. Facing me was a number of wave serpents filled with aspect warriors and Falcons. Those Black and Purple-flamed grav tanks of Nick's terrified me.

With a bit of luck and a whole lot of shooting, we managed to stall the enemy advance long enough for the Avatar and Keith's Seer Council to punch through to the Dire Avenger Shrine and split the enemy line. With his Aspect Warriors facing a couldron of shooting, I whittled Nick's Banshees and Scoprions a bit and charged the Scoprions with my Seer Council. Although I broke Nick's western advance by defeating the Scoprions soundly, I lost my main Farseer in the exchange giving hope to the enemy for a draw.

Fortunately, their turn 6 efforts fizzled and we scored a narrow 2-1 victory. Credit goes to Keith for his awesome Disruption rolls that screwed over multiple Dark Reaper units, and to Corey for taking one on the chin for the team and scaring Benoit out of his Rune Armour Underwear. And killing this guy.

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