Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm Back

Last week was "recover from megabattle" week so I didn't make much progress. The past weekend I did get some free time on Sunday so was able to do up a couple things.

First off, I finished a Thunderhawk:

Then I continued on the Havocs and Mark II Obliterators, finishing the red and silver, started working on the grey.

I'm trying to decide if I need more MkII Oblits or not, but if I do, the models are ready to go:

Elsewhere, the forge world buildings have been spending the last month in the Simple Green dip, and finally I took the out and scrubbed them. What the debacle looked like on Feb 28:

And today:

I swear the primer better stick this time or someone dies.

Anyway, into the dip solution went some vindicators and land speeders. Not sure if I'm going to convert the Vindies to Defilers or not. Might leave them alone for use with my experimental evil-Loyalist list.

One last picture. Since everyone else is posting pics of their basement and work areas, here is a recent one of my disaster zone. Enjoy!

P.S. Paint of eldar will resume shortly.

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