Wednesday, April 05, 2006

End of the Guardian Majority?

Looking at my old models needing to be repainted, I dread the thought of painting 50-60 guardians yet again. Especially since they will need to be stripped first.

This has led me to thinking about perhaps going a new approach and having only a handful of guardians, say 20-30, and the rest of the army based on Aspect warriors. This has appeal since the number of Aspect Warriors I need to repaint doesn't change, and I only need to strip a few of them.

All this assumes that:
1) I can make a balanced army using only a few guardian units or
2) The Biel Tann version of the codex is balanced and interesting

If they don't offer the Seer Council as a standard choice for all Eldar craftworlds, then I'll damn the torpedoes and go straight Ulthwe. I love the Warlocks and can't stand not using them.

Man, I wish the Eldar codex would hurry up so I can start planning for real.

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