Friday, March 17, 2006

Big Saturday

This weekend my wife is having her sister up for a Girl's Weekend so I'm going to be left to my own devices.


So in order to make the most of the free time, I've lined up two massive games of Epic. Cause you know, one wasn't enough. :P

The first is a 6K pt game against Chris and his Imperial Guard. Last time we clashed I punished him but this time I'm much more afraid of the firepower IG can bring to bear in so many points. I figure I have two choices on war engines: go big or go home. I'll let you know what I chose later.

The second game is another 6K pointer against Sean (Krago) and his Space Marines. He is fairly new to the game but is picking up speed quickly so I expect a vicious fight. But Chaos stacks up well against their loyal counterparts so I'm hoping I can deliver some much needed learning experience pain to Sean.

Full report to come.

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