Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My last game fielding Eldar was October 21, 2004. Almost an entire year ago. And my previous game before that was February 2, 2004. Only two games in over a year and a half with my Eldar. Man, I can't wait for that new codex in 2006. *crosses fingers*

Edit: In that same period, I played 45 games with my chaos, 13 games with my BFG fleet, and 12 games of Epic. Yeah, I'd say my interest in Eldar was down :P


  1. Is your interest in Eldar down... or are you just disinterested and dissatisfied in the codex?

  2. My interest in Eldar suffered for two reasons:

    1. I played over a hundred games with essentially the same codex from 1999-2004. I tried lots of variations that interested me but felt I had worn out the units.

    2. My fluff for the Black Storm exploded with the Draconis War story I wrote and I became emotionally invested in them unlike I had ever been with Eldar. Each character, each ship I knew intimately and it enthralled me to guide them on the battlefield.

    The end result is I have now played as many games with Chaos as I have had with Eldar since 1999. The upshot is that after the story arc for the Return to Harsaded ends, I believe Eldar will make a comeback in my repetoire boosted by the new fluff and some new painting.