Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Eldar Pictures (and Dreadnoughts)

Here is my current projects. The support weapon Shadow Weaver with some black started on it:

The crew with a base of cobalt blue and a wash of black ink as part of my experiement. It is to be followed by another coat of blue on the raised parts and a final lighter blue for highlighting.

Here is the weapon and crew I did a couple years ago:

The turret I've started:

For this falcon. This is the last Eldar model I painted and one of my best works. I did a lot on this model I never had done before such as highlighting the red and black panels, painting the canopy, and glossly varnish on the stones. I'm proud of it even though Corey's latest stuff puts my falcon to shame.

And the Epic Dreadnoughts I finished earlier:

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