Friday, August 19, 2005

Orks versus Chaos Battle Report

Go here and see the action.

More thoughts:

I was glad to finally win a game against someone other than Al and his Space Marines. While I think Andy could have managed a tie in turn 3, he had lost a lot more than I had and I think I would have pushed him back in turn 4. Basically I had lost half my scouts (4 stands) and my big platoon which, while a big blow, still left me with an almost full second platoon, 2 Chosen Terminator formations, Deathwheel, Decimator, and Banelord. In contrast, he had one ork mob, warbikes, the fightabombers, and the titan. The titan was a problem but the rest I think was manageable.

Next up: Chris and his Imperial Guard next week. He thrashed me on Aug 7th so I'll be looking for revenge. Time to break out the drop pods.

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