Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Banelord Goes Hunting Tonight

I've got a game tonight and the Banelord gets to come out and play, but he'll be facing an Ork Great Gargant. Egads.

Having never played Orks in this edition, combined with facing a new opponent in Andy, I'm very concerned about my chances. I almost never fare well in first time situations and with three new variables (big titans, Orks, and Andy) I suspect I'm in for a thrashing.

With on 3000 pts per side, I'm even more nervous as I didn't feel I could get the army I wanted with the Banelord in 3000 pts. But I managed to get 9 activations and a good number of infantry so we'll see.

Expect Battle Report tomorrow. With pictures, I brought the camera. Woot.

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