Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Black Storm Parade Review

Here are some promised good pictures where the flash doesn't wash out the model. Still working on my lighting for taking pictures though, can't get it quite right. Getting better though.

A full platoon of Marines.

Defilers. Work in progress in the first picture, battle-ready paint job in the second. They will get more touchups before I'm done with them.

Decimator. Actually its a Forge World Stormsword super heavy but its description matches the Decimator nicely.

The fearsome Deathwheel. I've made two but haven't painted up the second one yet.

Doomwings filling in for Swiftdeaths until I have some more money to order Forge World Lightning fighters.

Forge World Helltalons. I have a 40K scale one too and it looks equally awesome. I don't know how Forge World does it.

I didn't paint this Ravager titan (although I did do some repairs and touchups), but included him cause he looks cool.

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  1. Very sexy! You put my old Epic paint jobs to shame.