Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I'm buying a bunch of Imperial Guard Epic vehicles from Chris, including 9 old style Leman Russes, a bombard, a manticore, and 3 griffons. They are going to be sacrificial lambs to a conversion project to improve the Chaos forces.

I want a Death Wheel or two. Four Damage Capacity, 2 void shields, 4 reaper autocannons and 2 battlecannons? Yes please! I also want some defilers for artillery support. They also sport battle cannons, so those leman russ tanks will be chopped up in no time. Should be quite the task.

Another unit I need are obliterators, at the very minimum 4 units of them. I bought a blister of marine terminators and I plan to whip up some conversions using green stuff and such to bulk them up.

With these three unit additions, I will fill some range and AA support holes in my list.

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