Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Death Wheel

Looking through the Chaos list I figured I wanted more range and anti-tank ability. The two 75cm battlecannons on the Deathwheel with AP4+/AT4+ definitely grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, no model exists for it. Enter conversion time!

There are instructions on how to make one and I'm not following them exactly but the basic idea was stolen from them. Here is the work in progress.


The Deathwheel has two void sheilds and 4 Damage Capacity points. Two battlecannons as described and four reaper autocannons,  4+ Reinforced Armour, CC is 5+ but FF is 3+. All on a platform moving 30cm per move. Nice.

Its 275 pts, does not count towards the flyer/titan limit, and can be taken in formations of 1 to 3 along with Decimators. (For the record, the Decimator is 225 pts)

I plan to make two using the same general design.

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