Friday, May 24, 2024

The Mists of Beta Decima

Got to play on new Beta Decima terrain a couple weeks back and it was pretty decent. Made some mistakes but to be expected for me on new terrain.

I took my Eldar Voidscarred Corsairs kill team against Thunder's Hierotek Circle. The goal of the misson was to control vantage points by the end of the game, and you could use the middle top terrain feature to remove opponent's vantage tokens.

 I advanced up the middle with some of my best operatives looking to rush and control the slower Necrons.

The Teknomancer ordered the Deathmark sniper to inflitrate the tower from his pocket dimension. 

Then using the vantage points on his side of the board, he spotted and neutralized my Flearch leader and wounded many others with some precision shooting. Reeling in light of my poor positioning, I charged up the tower to knock the Deathmark down... but not out.

The early casualties are hurting the Eldar, especially as the knocked Necron reanimate and start fighting again. Feeling that my early misstep in the middle cost me the game, I charge with abandon to cause as much damage as possible to restore my honour.

The Necrons take full control of the power tower and remove my tokens with ease while my Fatedealer sniper works from safety to shoot as many of those metal heads as possible.

My wounded Kurnathi with his double swords charged the wounded Immortal and dispatched him but soon died in return.

Finally the apprentek cackled in delight and muttered "that is for last game" as the Fatedealer was flanked and easily killed.

Conclusion: I made one early mistake and followed it up with several other smaller missteps. Some lessons about Beta Decima were learned and I promise next time to give those Necrons a run for their money.

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