Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Goodbye Strixhaven


The MTG Strixhaven limited drafts were not great for me. The success I had in Kaldheim did not carry over as I had hoped. Even though I had a strong start in Strixhaven, the simplicity of the set (draft temur, occasionally Silverquill, ignore lorehold and witherbloom) meant that the format settled down pretty quick and it turned into a slog. It became very repetitive very quickly; I still don't understand how the podcasters rave over it.

In the end I think that the Lesson/Learn mechanic was too good but only a little bit. I think that either the learn cards needed to be more expensive or the lesson cards did. As it was there was no reason to not grab as many of both as you could barring rare scenarios. Couple that with Lorehold and Witherbloom being second tier colour pairs compared to the others and it just did not have legs in my opinion.

The next set, Adventures in Forgotten Realms, I hope will have more room for variety and less of a "race to 8 lands" feel to it. Also, no mystical archives.

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