Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Visiting the Shipyards

December was crazy, but I'm back! And this post we visit my painting progress on my Battlefleet gothic ships.

My slow, slow, .... slow progress.

Back in August I was finishing up my Heavy Cruiser with its modular weapon bays and had primed the four cruiser that would form the bulk of my fleet. Time for an update!

Here is the four cruisers with their base coat of Cardinal Red paint.

Next we have them with their coat of Nuln Oil which is different than then black wash I used on the heavy cruiser. The oil paints accumulate more in the crevices and corners and give some definition to the model.

Closer look at the effects of the oil.

The next step is to highlight the raised and flat parts with the original base red to give the definition even more pop.

With that done, I moved on to the details of the contrast black markings and weapons.

If I'm lucky I'll have this fleet completed by next August!

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