Friday, November 13, 2020


 I really enjoyed the Witcher series on Netflix with Henry Cavill so I became kind of interested in buying the Witcher III: Wild Hunt video game.

It went on fantasic sale on Steam a couple weeks ago and I snapped it up. Open world, fighting monsters, swords and sorcery? Sign Me Up!

I bought it, made some space on the old hard drives, and installed it. Started it up, lots of scenes to set the mood, I'm fine with that, I came for the story too. 

Ok, fighting scene.... ok, magic, neat.... Dream sequence? Ah, backstory sequence, ok... what? Oh. UH OH!

This game has nudity. I'm 15 minutes in and there is a naked woman's buttocks on my screen.

Now I'm not a prude or anything, after all I watched the show and there is plenty of nudity in it, but its one thing to watch a show on a tablet where no kids could stumble up the questionable content and another altogether on a big computer screen. Plus my wife and I are trying to raise the Boyz with more respect for women and less objectification of womens' bodies, and having casual nudity in a video game is not exactly in line with our goals here.

Fortunately, I was able to get a refund for the game and uninstall it. Thank you Steam.

I can see thinking "how did he know know? the game has been out for years and one of its big selling points has been the sex and nudity..." Well, like I said, I only became interested in the game because of the show and I honestly never looked anything up about it online. I don't follow gaming sites or read gaming news so I was unaware. I guess I'm showing my age for defaulting to assuming a video game is not adult content only.

Make no mistake: these games are not including the nudity as part of the "art" of video games or telling a story. As my wife asks, "How does this make the game better?" and in my opinion it does not. 

Oh well, voting with my money I guess.

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