Friday, July 17, 2020

Revisiting Dragonlance

When I was a teenager I got into fantasy novels in a big way and the gateway drug for me was the Dragonlance Chronicles.

Its not writing that will get people to hail it as a literary classic for all time a la the Lord of the Rings or Dune (the latter of which is overrated by the way) but it was amazing to teenage me at the time. Magic, swords, sorcery, dragons, Good, Evil... and characters that were more than one dimensional tropes (eventually).

Its been a long time since I read those book, but I remember them so fondly I proposed that I would read them to my almost teenage sons, a chapter a night before bed when we have time. Yeah, they are strong readers and could read them for themselves but I wanted to relive the experience again through their eyes and enjoy the story together.

And its been amazing. They are hooked on the story and characters (one twin wants to create a Kender D&D character as he loves Tasselhoff) and I am loving reading a story that I have mostly forgotten. We are halfway though the first novel and I hope they continue to want to hear the story as I definitely want to finish the trilogy again.

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