Monday, May 25, 2020

Cycling Through Standard

I needed a new deck for grinding in Standard on Arena this month and with Ikoria released there was a plethora of choice (even in some flavour of Fires of Invention or Wilderness Reclamation are still the meta to beat). I looked at my options and decided to go with an aggressive RWB cycling deck with a Lurrus as companion. 

The idea is, you get the Valiant Rescuer, Flourishing Fox, Dranith Stinger, and/or Improbably Alliace on the field in some combination and then cycle yourself to board stalemate until you can cast a Zenith Flare (or two, or three) to win the game. If you so happen to win with going wide soldiers and fairies or going tall with Flourishing Fox, so much the better. Lurrus is really just a trick to recur a few things from the graveyard if needed.

Its not the greatest deck in the format but its solid and has the advantage of lending itself to quick games; you either win early or you know its over.

With a 56% win rate over 57 matches I got to Platinum 4 last week which was nice for a deck I was just playing around with and didn't require a ton of wildcards to craft. I'm still replenishing my stockpile after crafting the Temur Reclamation deck that I struggled with. Might have another go at that now that aggro decks are shifting out of the meta some.

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