Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Wait Queues of PUBG Mobile

I took a break from PUBG Mobile for a few weeks (fooling around in Civilization V again but that's another post) and this weekend I came back for some of that new season battleground goodness.

I had a few rounds but was disturbed by the wait times for what used to be the most common play modes on the mornings and afternoons. Wait times that used to be ~60 seconds were upwards of 5-6 minutes or more if I had the patience to sit around and wait.

To me this is a sign that the initial popularity of the game is waning. Most likely there are fewer players online filling up the matches so there is more wait for players to end matches and re-queue. The problem is that the longer wait time encourages more players like me with little patience for a long wait to quit and do something else (I only have so much free time people!)

I did not like Apex Legends too much but surely there is a popular game out there I could have fun at. It all has me wondering if I should try the PC version of PUBG again, or some other competitor now that the genre has had time to mature.

Too bad because PUBG Mobile is really well done and I had a lot of fun in it, but if wait times continue to climb I'll have to bail.

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