Sunday, January 20, 2019

Emulating Success - Part 2

In my efforts to try out PUBG Mobile on the computer using the Android OS emulator Bluestacks, I was reading for tips to try and improve the lackluster performance of the game when I came across recommendations that said that the program Tencent Gaming Buddy was the better emulator to use for PUBG Mobile. Since Tencent is the company that publishes PUBG Mobile, that seems like a good path to pursue before fighting with Bluestacks some more.

I downloaded the program and PUBG Mobile, hooked my account up, and... I was blown away. The performance was far smoother with higher graphics settings, as smooth as my phone is on low settings. The keyboard mappings controls were slightly less polished than on Bluestacks but some playing with the customization options soon allowed me to feel 90% comfortable while playing the game.

I think the big difference is that the Tencent Gaming Buddy program is a custom program for Tencent games and is not a full blown Android installation, removing a double step that the full emulator has to make to go from game to Android OS to Windows to graphics hardware.

I have already deleted the Bluestacks PUBG Mobile installation; I may still use Bluestacks for other less intensive games and apps if the need arises.

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