Friday, November 16, 2018

High Sec Sucks

The announcement of the new FLEX structures at EVE Vegas (why don't they call it EVEgas?) was good news for me as I intended to add the structures to my structure manufacturing lines. But the actual release date for Onslaught raced up on me faster than I expected and it was Monday morning when I realized that this was the week.

I had done no pre-purchasing of parts, no pre-building of components, nothing. Crap.

Well, better late than never. I planned out my purchases, set the buy orders for minerals, and headed to Jita for the more esoteric planetary parts. On the way back I manually piloted gate to gate always on the lookup for problems... but after I passed Udema I got relaxed and I allowed myself to get distracted for 15 minutes after warping to the Balle gate. I got back to my computer and my heart froze: a Macharial was yellow boxing me and had bumped me 76 km off the gate.

Oh Shit.

I knew I was already fucked but I closed the client anyway and logged in an alt that I zoomed over to Balle. I tried to bump the Mach away from bumping me but it was a lost cause. I watched sadly as another newbie ship suicide ran my freighter to keep the timer going.

The Mach pilot opened up a convo with me and asked for a billion ISK to let it go. "I already have a fleet of catalysts on the way, but you pay me and we'll just gank something in Udema." I said no figuring that paying it would only add to my total loss. There is no trust in EVE.

I made a counter offer. "Let me go and then I'll give you 1 bil."

"That's not how this works," he replied.

It was worth a shot.

Finally 15 minutes later (and 25 minutes after I logged out) the catalyst fleet arrived. The end loss was almost 9 billion ISK, of which 1 billion came out my pocket (for the ship), the rest hitting the bottom line of the corporation.

Later I picked myself back up, got back to Jita, got a new freighter, another load of parts, and even more carefully made my way back to base, ready to kill the client at the first sign of anyone looking at me sideways. I made it back without incident.

High sec sucks.



    Too late this time, but maybe helpful in the future.

  2. Many moons ago, I used to build capital ships (carriers and Dreads). I used to use a Rapier on an alt in the same corp to slingshot my freighter through dangerous spots. My manufacturing area was in Carrou, 0.4 space, 4 jumps from Jita.

    Do the game mechanics still allow for same corp ships to web one another in high sec?

    1. You can, by allowing Friendly Fire within the Corp. (it would be a 24hr cycle change?!) It is easier to Duel, because you can use NP-Corp characters in high-sec. Which gets around the attraction to be war-decced for visiting a trade-hub. Either way you go, the rules of engagement prevent rapid logoff at a safe spot.

      In this particular case, knowing that day is lost. Dump the cargo and destroy the containers. Neither the bumper or corvette pilot have the cargo space. And I doubt they could react fast enough to prevent that action. At least the asset denial may make the freighter's loss, less certain.

  3. I certainly do not have the 12bil to buy any of the new FLEX BPO. There is not even any copies available. So whoever can contract BPC those will make some nice isk.

  4. Don't haul 9b in a freighter in highsec. Being lazy is suicidal. Fly several times with low value. If you get ganked you don't loose everything. Don't fly what you can't afford to loose.