Monday, October 01, 2018

A Month In Stay Frosty

I'm really sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I'm still playing and EVE news is interesting, I've just been lazy :)

September is over and so is my first full month in Stay Frosty, running Sunday Night Roams in small kitchen sink gangs and seeing what we can turn up. Its been decent:

Nothing like the heyday of low sec and faction warfare, but not completely without action. Some excitement does not register on the killboard, like last night when I entered a FW plex to engage a Rifter (Scout/Tackle FC best FC) in my trusty dual rep Incursus only to find myself counter-tackled and a Chremoas alliance tournament ship uncloaking 50 klicks away.

Ho ho, a trap. My fleet comes in and the enemy flees (I lost my point barely on the Rifter) so no losses, but I did comment that I found that tactic is a pathetic use for an AT prize ship, baiting in almost perfect safety where there is not even a chance someone might land on you from warp and uncloak you accidentally.

Of course, some might point out that going around in a gang and ganking solo or duo ships is not very sporting either, but at least our initial tackle ships put it on the line and there is a chance the enemy might spring a trap with more or bigger ships and a pitched battle occurs. Sitting deep in a plex with a covert ops cloak and running at the first sign of a challenge is not the same thing.

But whatever, caring is the path to madness.

As for my Sunday Night Fleets, I've noticed once again that consistency is the key: putting the fleet up at the same time and night every week slowly brings in more pilots and we have more options on what we can engage as a result, getting more excitement and luring in more pilots. First couple weeks was just a handful of us, last couple weeks we started to peak around 10. That's the sweet spot, 10 to 15 pilots. Enough to cover all the roles of scout, tackle, damage, and a logi bro or two.

Good times! I highly recommend the Stay Frosty Retirement Program for aging low sec PvPers.


  1. Would you for consistency's sake publish the time of the fleet so we can head over from the bleak lands and shoot at you?

  2. I was fully planning on watching the Steeler's game Sunday night but the call of the roam beckoned until I couldn't stand it anymore and logged on. Sunday nights are often tough, but I'll be there as often as I can. It's great seeing so many planned ops up and running. Now if we can only get Low Sec active again!