Friday, August 03, 2018

2 Week Hiatus

I'm taking a two week hiatus from blogging... I know, how can you tell? Right?

My vacation from work is overdue and I'm out of steam for everything, including blogging. I'm still building and selling so I'm still in game, just recharging my batteries for everything else.

I will be back after my vacation is over.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from a game of Twilight Imperium 4th edition I had last month.


The board is ready, I'm the Warsun race, Embers of Muat.

Love the new warsun model in 4th ed.

My neighbour.

Inital moves.

5 player games suck when you are in the 5th position, crunched for space and four measly trade goods to make up for it.

Yellow expanding.

Black and green getting frisky for VPs.

Gah, no fucking room!

As usual, if the Jol-nar player is left alone, he runs away in the tech race.

Second warsun, be afraid!


Green's flagship takes Mecatol Rex and starts growing new units. (they are the plant race)

Political tensions rise close to home.

Lots of ships, not a lot of fighting...

I make my assault with my upgraded warsuns and destroy a yellow fleet!

TI takes a lot of space.

Purple swoops into the lightly defended black homeworld for more victory points, his tech giving him the advantage.

Final battle.
Yeah, Jol-nar won by a huge margin because he was not aggressively attack. Part of that was my fault but my hands were tied, my race's main strategy is sit back and get strong for late game push, and this game ended before we even got into the late game. 
Oh well, next time.

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  1. My only dislike about 4th edition so far (until an expansion arrives) is that you have no real choices what to research because ship upgrades are colorless and don't qualify as a prerequisite for another tech down the road.

    After you posted about a Scythe game I suggested it would make a good birthday gift for me but a friend betrayed me and couldn't resist buying it immediately for himself instead...