Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Triglavian Medium Cruiser in Yulai

One of the new Triglavian ships was in Yulai for a couple days this past weekend and I took my sightseeing alt Ninveah there to check it out and take some pictures.

Pictures do not do this model justice. Even with all the damage it is a beautiful ship.

WHAT WE KNOW: quick summary, we know there are three new ship models for the Triglavian Collective, frigate, cruiser (above), and battleship. We suspect that these ships are beating the snot out of Drifters (who are also getting a couple new ship models). The ship above was piloted by a CONCORD NPC and was "in quarantine" before docking at the DED station.

I currently suspect that these are going to be new "pirate" faction ships, perhaps to fill the Caldari-Minmatar crossover. Or rather I hope so. More NPC ships a la the Drifters would kinda suck.

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