Monday, November 06, 2017

With One Hand Tied Behind My Back

Last night I organized a fleet of kitchen sink armour cruisers (with logi) and went on a roam to find some trouble, when half way through the fleet we get reports of a Caldari Militia Athanor refinery anchoring in Asakai. We burn over there with 6 minutes left in its vulnerable period and start putting firepower into the structure.

Just as an enemy fleet arrives to drive us off, we succeed and waltz off field.

As we regroup we see that the Caldari controlled Reitsato system is vulnerable so we decide to bash the infrastructure hub.

Soon after we started we got reports of our old foe Templis CALSF forming up a fleet to fight us, and later they undocked in a standard Caracal / Osprey fleet and started moving our direction.

I knew our kitchen sink fleet despite having logi support was undergunned in mostly short ranged weapons to take on the current apex cruiser doctrine, but allies from Spaceship Bebop alliance reshipped into some Oracles and after much debate I decided to try to take the fight against my more conservative gut instinct.

As the fight loomed, problems surfaced. The 5 Oracles from BEBOP were not in fleet and not on comms, making coordinating with them difficult. I didn't want to take the fight on the I-hub grid but getting the message clearly to the Oracle pilots was not working fast enough and I did not want to be the one to leave them hanging in the wind.

Templis arrived on grid and I made the call to dive in, hoping the firepower of our blasters and lasers would overwhelm the reps of the Ospreys. It did not.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

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  1. Seriously i agree with your point that Caldari controlled Reitsato system is vulnerable and this type of unique information is very necessary for the students thanks.