Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lifeblood Is Live

The age of Player Owned Starbase moon mining and reactions is over. Long live refineries!

Actually, I hope refineries are not long lived. I hope they die a lot. Because this guy is build Athanor Refineries and it's good for business if they keep dying.

Speaking of business, I've got a lot invested in Athanor production. I had previously purchased materials for 10 Athanor builds but I added another 5 builds to the queue after I got 7 orders for them in the weeks leading to the expansion. In order to minimize time to delivery I decided to bite the bullet and purchase two Athanor Blue print originals which takes up almost all the remaining capital the corporation had available.

In other words, I've invested ~15 billion ISK in materials to build Athanors, and 11 billion ISK for the blueprints. Do I expect to earn more than 26 billion ISK in return? Definitely. Once the initial rush is over I'll research one of the Athanor BPO to reduce build time and then sell the other one for minimal loss after that, recovering about 5 billion. The 15 Athanors I build will pull in at minimum 20 billion ISK I estimate, and at that point we are almost breaking even. Long term, we'll make our ISK back, but how long will it take?

Each Athanor build takes 3 days and 5 hours. Say 3.5 days to account for times I can't get them out and next one into the oven right away. With two lines going, it will take ~25 days to build the first 15, so say a month to sell them all assuming demand continues to remain strong.

Also, I have an audit coming up in November, but I might wait until later in the month to clear the baffles of all these structures for the most accurate picture of how we are doing.

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  1. I've come to the exact same conclusion. Once people found out I'm making refineries everyone wants one. I imagine we'll be busy for awhile.