Thursday, September 07, 2017

Preparing for Lifeblood

With the Lifeblood expansion announced as arriving October 24th, and people expressing desire for refineries as quick as possible after they go live, I've began planning out based on information on Singularity what I need to prepare.

First thing is make sure I have enough ISK on hand to purchase an Athanor BPO. It looks like the Tatara refinery BPO will be too expensive, in the Foritzar range (40 billion ISK), but the Athanor will be in the Astrahus ballpark (5.5 billion ISK) and thus picking one up on day 1 will be easy. Maybe get two and try to churn out as many Athanor's as possible early on to get that early adopter price gouging.

Looking at the Athanor's BPO requirements, I saw that there was two new structure components: Structure Electromagnetic Sensor and Structure Acceleration Coils. I lacked original blueprints for either of those, and they are available on Tranquility server already, so I scooped them up and threw them in the lab for material efficiency research right away.

With those details taken care of, I went to my spreadsheet to update it with information about the blueprints and get an idea for the raw mineral and Advanced Planetary Interaction item requirements for building an Athanor refinery. Rough estimate puts it roughly on par with Astrahus as expected.

With that in hand, I looked at the wallet and decided to lay down ISK to buy minerals and components to build 10 Athanors right out of the gate. This is to satisfy my alliance mates looking for structures for the moon mining race, and for the open market. With those stockpiled, I can see how much liquid capital is left and start planning out the next purchases.


  1. I had a similar plan but had worked out my liquid isk to be available for a winter release and not October. So we'll see how the next month goes.