Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time to Revisit My Strategic Cruiser

The revamp to Strategic Cruisers has come and gone and today I finally checked my hanger to see what happened to my sole Proteus.

As you can see, it was a cloaky combat cruiser with multiple long range tackling mods and a decent offensive capability, basically a sneaky heavy tackler.

Now it has two more turret hardpoints but loses the two magnetic field stabilizers. It has also gained a 50m3 drone bay (25 mbit bandwidth) it didn't have before. Here are how the subsystems shook out:

I'll have to sit down with a ship fitting tool like Osium and see if I need to get new subsystems. At first glance, the ship is still the same heavy tackler but now with more guns and less stabs, probably shaking out to similar DPS in the end. I still have the range boost warp scrambler and disruptor, but I might see if there are better propulsion modules available to me. Overall, not too bad.

Now to actually use it.

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