Monday, July 10, 2017


I went radio silent last week because my wife had some planned surgery on June 30th and since then I've been taking care of the three boys, aged 9, 9, and 7 by myself as she heals.

I took the week off work and I knew that staying at home would be insane. Kids just off school, bored from the lack of constant stimulation of friends and class , bickering with each other, destroying the house faster than it can be repaired... yeah, screw that. So I planned a lot of activities while I was taking care of them that left very little time for me to relax.

We visited my parents' place one day with its large pool, we went to a large playground/splashpad in Ottawa, we went to a large wave pool, and then attended a family re-union at a cottage on a lake. I have swam more in the past week than I did for the entire previous year.

I have also sat and played games for a grand total of zero minutes overall.

Today I'm back at work where stealing 15 minutes to write a blog post is feasible.

Hopefully back to EVE and blogging regularly this week. Ah, so nice to sit down.

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