Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Time Limits

A lot of the games I've been playing lately have one thing in common.

I've been playing Overwatch and Dreadnought (now in open beta) on my PC, and Clash Royale on my phone, because they fit into my lifestyle where having more than 15 minutes to sit down and do something is increasingly rare. Thank god for my reserved EVE night.

Again this has me thinking about the missed opportunity here for EVE to provide some sort of simplistic built in arena game play. Have 6 or 8 ships with prefit modules of certain fleet archetypes, let people queue up, and let them loose in a closed arena. Almost like an EVE ship version of Valkyrie for crying out loud. I would play the shit out of that in my spare time.

To be fair, if I could afford a VR headset and new video card, I'd be playing Valkyrie.

1 comment:

  1. Hadn't heard of Dreadnought - downloading it now.