Friday, June 16, 2017


CCP has been having a lot of missteps this past couple months and then they really stepped into it when they decided to give out ships for accounts that got fanfest tickets: a Pacifier frigate and for early ticket sales, an Enforcer cruiser. But not just to the account that purchased the ticket, oh no, but a free ship or two to every related account. For example had I been fortunate enough to go I would have gotten three of each total for my three accounts.

Combine that math with the ghost training exploit where some people were farming 20, 30, and more accounts, and they received a huge windfall.

Normally when the community is upset about something I tend to be more laid back about it all; after all, why get angry at a game? But then I nearly threw my phone through a window after a bad Clash Royale losing streak so who am I to judge...

The important thing is that I feel this time the anger is justified. CCP has seriously messed up and seems to be more interested in damage control, deflection, and circling the wagons rather than admitting the mistake and taking steps to rectify it. There is no doubt in my mind that one set of reward ships per ticket is the correct approach here, anything else is open to exploitation.

Will I be unsubbing over this? No, for me EVE is still just a game. But am I disappointed in CCP over this? Definitely.

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