Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Now that the first Blood Raiders Sotiyo structure has been destroyed on Tranquility I want to blather on a bit.

I think the big thing that took the wind out of my sails for writing about the meta-game of EVE this spring was a Fanfest that left me feeling underwhelmed. The biggest reveal from the event was the new PvE content starring the Blood Raiders and the Engineering Complex and while I think its cool and the right direction to take PvE content in the game, I was struck by how far from affecting me or my alliance it was. Not only in terms of being large alliance level competitive content, but also occurring in regions far from my space. I understand that if its successful that the concept can be adapted to other NPC groups and expanded to all area of space in some form, but for now its simply inaccessible content to my group in EVE.

I have some excitement for the news about Refineries and the new method of moon mining that was announced before Fanfest, but unlike the Blood Raiders raid it is content that is months away in the best case scenario.

To make matters worse, I was disappointed by the lack of involvement available to people not at the Fanfest for the roleplaying event with the Kyonoke plague. I wanted to do or see something, moving an alt to the system and sitting on the event grid, but alas it was not meant to be.

And on top of all that, a lot of the podcasts are gearing up for Alliance Tournament and I've got zero interest in that scene.

So with no new combat ships, modules, or any direct or indirect changes to faction warfare even whispered about, ennui set in. Not enough that I wanted to stop playing the game in either my PvP or industrial roles, but enough to lose interest in putting fingers to keyboard for the blog or listening to podcasts.

Fortunately, the feeling seems to be dissipating a bit. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Citadels are a disappointment to me, because: do not fly what cannot afford to lose, equally applies to structure. Do not anchor it ... blah blah blah. Structures come in sizes Medium and up. Even though there is a description with the medium "small corporations", am not buying it - either figuratively or literally. So if is taken at face value, "medium"; then where is the Small? I am trying to maintain some optimism that larger offerings;

    - have broader appeal and see more use
    - with more use, there is more UAT (even through it is Prod)
    - a larger test base increases the discovery of "undocumented features" and potential improvements.

    So the eventual release of Small Citadels means a polished product/service.

    Or it is just a complete troll after-all. There will never be a Small version. You do no have small citadels pretty much for the same reason you do not market condom sizes as small. There is a point of "pride" involved.

    1. They have said, repeatedly, that "small" structures are things like the Mobile Depot. They have no plans to do any other small dockable structures like Citadels et al.

    2. That being said, I don't think a Raitaru or Astrahus is a huge investment for a small group of players or even an individual once they have been in the game a while. It costs less than a single capital and is more easily harder to kill.