Friday, February 03, 2017

Slice of Life

I don't get to play EVE enough.

Its a factor in my longevity in game; I'm always leaving the game wanting more and having to wait for it. The fact of the matter is that my life is so filled up with responsibilities that squeezing any game time for any game is a constant struggle.

Its not all bad. As the boys get older some activities cross over into my interests and I can *try* to relax and accomplish something in my hobbies. Podcasting is a good example: I do it because I enjoy it and it helps with my public speaking and my son Wilmick likes to help because he's doing something with me. Last night Wilmick's twin, Terjoe, was home (we usually record when he's at dance class) and he wanted to join in. So we recorded an episode and Terjoe demonstrated why he's often considered the talkative one.

During the podcast we were touring the structures in Fliet and saw some war targets. There was interested parties in corp chat about going after them so when we were done recording I decided to show off for the boys so I jumped on comms and in an Omen and went after the two Kestrels and Thorax. It was mostly a successful hunt.

At this point Mrs Kodachi calls down that the boys still have homework to do so I closed the game and chased the twins up the stairs because I had to do dishes as well. However, when I get upstairs I find my youngest, Arjay the Destroyer, sad. "What's up, buddy?" Well it turns out he was disappointed he didn't get to talk during the recording and was feeling left out. I understand so I offer to record a separate clip with just him (at which point Terjoe yells "That's not fair!" and I respond "This is the definition of fairness!") and he's not sure, after all, he doesn't play EVE, what would he talk about?

That's why the second half of my latest podcast episode is the two of us talking about his favourite World of Tanks tanks. No apologies.

With everyone back to happy I was able to finish my chore of the dishes, put the kids to bed, and then crash on the couch to socialize with Mrs Kodachi, all the while thinking about my two little Kestrel kills and eager for more.

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