Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Surviving by the Skin of My Teeth

Sunday night's fleet was Speed Swarm, i.e. fast frigates that swarm on targets of opportunity and kill them before escaping from superior forces. Microwarp Drives On!

We roamed the warzone looking for targets of opporunity, and at one point we contacted by allies in Black Fox Marauders corporation (aka BLFOX) to assist on a hot drop on a roaming hostile cruiser gang. BLFOX had a bait Megathron with cyno fitted and a Slasher for tackle and a handful of carriers ready to jump in, but needed more tackle to prevent more of the cruisers from escaping the wrath of the fighters.

The Megathron moved into position and engaged the enemy, and we swooped in as the fight started and spread our points on all the targets. Once pointed, the carriers jumped in and began melting the cruisers in short order. The Megathron died, but so did all the cruisers:

Our frigate fleet survived intact, and as a bonus one of our new pilots scored this amazing podmail worth an estimated 2.4 billion ISK.

Later on we were heading home when we saw a war target in an Omen Navy Issue in a quiet system. He was strategically positioned on the outside of a complex such that any frigates trying to close the 100 km plus gap would have to contend with his drones and lasers. Nevertheless, we tried to circle him with our super fast interceptors and my speed Garmur, dodging in and out of his targeting range to try and tackle him. Finally I got a point on him and called in the rest of the frigates but was taking serious damage. I tried to warp out and watched in horror as my favourite ship's armour dissipated and I dipped into hull... but finally pulled into the warp tunnel.

I checked and had 6 out of 560 hull points left. A true 1% escape.

He warped off but an eagle eyed pilot saw where he warped too so the fleet followed and got point again, and proceeded to tear him up. Good fight, and good fleet!

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  1. Someone had a bad night. Perhaps he forgot he was in his High Grade Crystal set when he jumped into the armor Lach...