Monday, November 21, 2016

Appreciate The Beauty

Last night we were on a T1 frigate roam breaking in some of our new players and looking for trouble when trouble came looking for us wearing the hull of a T2 Deimos. Our fleet of 20 frigates engaged and quickly found out... we were losing.

We called for help in our intel channels and fortunately were close enough to a main base that some more pilots in heavier ships arrived and put the pain on to earn the kill. Afterwards we took a hard look at the killmail and were impressed by what we saw on the ~700 million ISK loss.

Dual deadspace reps, large cap battery to help with cap stability and ward off neuts, faction stasis webber, Gecko drone...and battleship sized afterburner. Overall, an impressive ship with very tough tank.

Hats off to Leathal Annihiliation666 for giving us an exciting fight and whetting the appetite of our newbros for more PvP.

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