Friday, September 16, 2016

Firing Up The Forges

I took a break from building capitals over the summer as the Placid market adjusted from the capital changes and the end of World War Bee. I decided to move to more personal capital construction for pilots in my corporation and the Gallente Militia, as well as anyone else interested of course.

This means that profit margins will be far lower, much closer to material and factory costs. I've held off on Astrahus production for the moment while the capital orders get up to speed but I'll still build those occasionally to keep the dust off the BPOs. I toyed with the idea of trying to build a Fortizar as the margins on selling that were large, but I don't want to commit all of my liquid ISK to a bit of a gamble with the Engineering Complexes on their way in November which I plan to jump on like I did with the Astrahus production and make some of that early adopter profit. Assuming, of course, that the Eng Plexes have similar BPO and material costs as the Citadels did.

The Eng Plexes also present a different consideration than Citadels did. With the latter, I had no great need to set one up for my production operations as public stations sufficed well enough, but the former might present an opportunity to lower factory costs if the cost of copying BPOs and fueling the Complex is overall cheaper than using public factories. Something to consider, especially if I share the Plex with other like-minded individuals.

Still, need the details on these new structures before any plans can be made for sure.

November is Coming.

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