Thursday, August 04, 2016

Moving Cap Production to On Demand

The recent slowdown in Moros sales took a lot of enthusiasm out of my cap production efforts, especially after I saw how easy and profitable Astrahus production was in comparison. If cap production could be done in high sec, the effort would be a fraction of it currently is with it requiring multiple jump freighter jumps into low sec per cap.

With that in mind, I decided to close down Ostingele operations and move all the blueprints and ships closer to home in Essence region where I only plan to build caps on demand for friends and allies for the time being. Astrahus production has also slowed due to the market being flooded with the damn thing and making selling them difficult, albeit still pretty profitable.

The main focus of Project Vulcan is to sit back and prepare for the Industrial arrays that are coming in the winter (hopefully). I'm projecting that the blueprint original costs for the smallest one will be comparable to the Astrahus citadel blueprint and that the production costs of the array will be similar as well. I made a very nice profit on the Astrahus in that first week so I think I can repeat that performance and do even better this time.

The big losers in this re-focusing are my investors who are not seeing the usual dividends flowing in from sales. I hope they can understand that some projects take time to bear fruit, and they can always sell the shares back to me if they want to reinvest somewhere else; I'm easy that way.

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Blog Housekeeping Note: I will be on vacation next week so the blog will have its usual summer shutdown from now until I get back on August 15th.

Fly safe!

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  1. You just experienced what I did when CCP wrecked cap production (among many other things) for the small player when they unleashed Crius.

    I feel your pain.