Wednesday, July 13, 2016


There I was, Saturday afternoon, gearing up to fit 12 Harpy Assault Frigs and 6 Kirin Logistic Frigs when I discovered something truly shocking. Horrible even.

I couldn't get into the Kirin.

You see, years ago I made it a mandate to cross trained into every sub-capital combat ship in the game, including all weapon systems and tanking systems. Tech 1, 2, and 3. I can fly an Amarr Zealot as well as I can fly a Gallente Megathron as well as I can fly a Guristas Orthrus. As new ships and modules came out I made sure to buy the skill and train up so I would not ever be limited in what I could fly. I had gotten so used to that ability to sit in any combat ship that I was genuinely shocked when I was prevented from getting into the Tech II logistic frigate.

Fortunately for me, CCP Karkur's new Fit Fit feature, aka Multifit, allows you to fit the ship regardless of your skills for that vessel so crisis was averted. And as a result the Sunday Night Fleet got to have this little fight:

I guess I'll have to skip out and get that skill added to my queue, along with Caldari Tactical Destroyers which I seemed to have missed as well (got the other three). I've got 178 million skill points and still need more.

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  1. Yeah, my main did the same thing. I have 177 million SP (will never, ever cheat with the PTW skill injectors), and have been collecting sub cap level 5 skills for a long time. Have had to rejig my plans quite a bit. 9 days to Logistic Frigs V, then back to Command Destroyers for 21 days for Level V.