Friday, June 10, 2016

Post Astrahus Production

The flood of Astrahus producers has brought the margins of the market down as predicted and I'm looking at 10% or possibly less for profit per unit. Its even feasible that the competition could drive profits lower than I'm willing to work with. Its all good, capitals are in a good spot and should continue to be profitable.

The real question is what to do next.

One possibility is to try to upgrade to Fortizar production by buying blueprint copies off contracts and taking the hit. I haven't investigated margins but the much higher barrier to entry in the form of the 60 billion ISK blueprint cost might have kept the number of producers low and thus supply lower than demand keeping profit margins high. I need to work up the numbers to be sure.

Another option is to amass capital and try to get in early on the upcoming industrial citadel/drilling platforms re-announced at fanfest this spring:

This autumn will see the introduction of a new class of citadel specialised for industry, and CCP has confirmed that it will come in medium, large, and x-large sizes just like standard citadels and they will be specialised for manufacturing and research. This will come at the same time as mining barge overhauls to improve both their visuals and gameplay, though we don’t have any details yet of exactly what those gameplay tweaks will be.
The winter update could revolutionise the way we collect resources in EVE with the introduction of a new drilling platform class of structure. This is sure to spark wars over moons and asteroid belts and will replace the Starbase in its current role of mining moon minerals. 
If I plan and gather resources properly like I did for the Astrahus project, I could potentially make a lot of ISK again as I expect there will be a lot of demand for these structures as well, perhaps even more than there was for Astrahus.

One thing is for sure, its a good time to be a Planetary Interaction baron because those prices will just keep going up as these things are built.

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