Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Building Their Dreams

Citadel expansion was one of those rare expansions where I was actually ready to take advantage of the new features right away. I had lots of supply materials stockpile, skills trained up, and characters in position. A few minutes after the servers opened up with the new code I had the Astrahus BPO in my ship headed towards my manufacturing base.

Late Saturday night I got my first produced citadel out of the oven and up on the local Dodixie market where I sold it for a 150% profit over manufacturing costs, still cheaper than Jita prices. I wanted a quick sale to fund a second BPO so I could produce more in the short term and research for resale or copying in the long term.

Its possible I'll recoup the expense of the first BPO of the profits of these first four Citadels. Egads.

Side note: its hard to say where we can expect Astrahus to settle down in terms of price. They are easy to produce once you have the blueprints but very dependent on Planetary Interaction level 4 materials which are volatile at the moment. My early guess in near 2 billion in mid term, 1.5 billion long term once market becomes saturated.

Capital production has been shut down while I've divert my efforts to Astrahus building. I haven't updated my spreadsheets with the new production numbers but I definitely think I'll be investing in an Amarr Apostle BPO as they seem to be the popular FAX machine right now.

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