Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nothing But Faction And Caps

Sunday night's fleet has to rank up with one of the most successful nights of PvP I've enjoyed in EVE Online in 9+ years.

We were roaming in my Hellraiser fleet (aka Kitchen Sink Battlecruisers) and started really well, catching a travel fit (or something?) Machariel in one system and an Osprey Navy Issue in another. We were setting up for a fight against a frigate/dessie gate camp in Tama when the cry went out over Gal Mil Intel channels about a carrier pointed in Heydieles and DPS was needed.

"On our way!"

We burned to the system and rolled into the other GalMil fleet (which was a Tempest Fleet Issue and Guardian fleet) and comms and found ourselves in a slugfest with two Soul Taker Archons, a Moros, Vindicators, Bhallgorns, Vigilants, and miscellaneous stuff. The fight was pitched and we were making very poor headway against their reps (a single Vigilant) when we got word a Caldari Militia fleet headed by Templis was incoming and they were friendly with Soul Takers (a long time pirate entity operating out of Old Man Star).

We left the field as the Caldari landed in their Tempest Fleet Issue fleet but got reports that the Caldari were shooting Soul Takers so some back channel agreements later, we were back on the field and shooting the Archons and Vindicators. I scored on the killmails of two Vindicators (one and two) and two Archons, including top damage on one.

After that amazing fight, Aideron reformed its fleet and we roamed around again, killing the Navy Osprey pilot again before calling it a night.

Easily the best set of killmails I've had the pleasure of being on in one night. And, two killmarks for my Oracle! Score!